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  • Im Afsar Ali
  • Tuesday, April 30, 2019

    Godrej Zest | New Launch Project in Kanakapura Road Bangalore

    The real estate segment of India has become a very fruitful platform to find a property and invest in order to earn a good return in the near future. The industrial boom has led to the foundation of a proper income for the families in the leading cities. The real estate development in these cities is also allowing the families to invest their hard-earned money in eclectic properties and secure their future. One such city is Bangalore which offers a powerful platform to find such real estate properties. Every national real estate brand is tapping on the potential of this city and delivering landmark infrastructure to own a home. One of the best examples of such ventures is Godrej Zest. This project from the house of Godrej Properties is built to deliver a beautiful environment in the homeowner’s lifestyle in the city.

    Godrej Zest: A new dawn

    This project is considered to be a landmark development in the real estate segment in Bangalore. The developer has planned a unique housing project where the acquired area will be majorly converted into a green landscape. The prime motto of this design is to deliver a greener environment where the future dwellers can avail fresh air along with a beautiful ambiance. Godrej Zest Kanakapura Road will be the best choice for those who like to spend the rest of their lives amidst greenery. This project will be a perfect example of how a residential project can dedicate to nature for future dwellers.

    As per the Godrej Zest brochure, the project will deliver over 850 residential units. Each unit will have a prominent floor plan that will perfectly accommodate every need of a modern family. The area of the units will vary from 1051 square feet to 1500 square feet. The floor configurations will offer 2 BHK+2T and 3 BHK+3T variants for the homebuyers. The price of these properties will start from INR 60 Lakh onwards. Every unit will come with a plethora of facilities and amenities for the dwellers such as car parking, security, intercom, lifts, community halls, clubhouse, etc. The total area of the project is 18 acres. There will be 16 residential towers offering eclectic choices.

    Location privileges of Godrej Zest

    Godrej Zest Bangalore is being constructed on a strategic location in Kanakapura Road. This location is chosen by the developer to impart immense convenience to the homebuyers in the city. It will be easier for owners to commute to their offices. Moreover, the developed surrounding of this project will also cater to every need of the families. Considering Godrej Zest price, this is the best project to find a home and enjoy a fruitful future.

    Final words

    As per the Godrej Zest reviews from the investors and aspiring homebuyers, this project is one of the best ventures in Bangalore to find a new home and settle down. The big list of facilities, perks, and amenities along with the brilliant premium apartments will become a huge asset for the families in the upcoming years.

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    Monday, April 29, 2019

    Vikas Sharma: Face Of The Real Estate Industry

    Vikas Sharma

    Vikas Sharma is the new face of the industry that changed the real estate game in such a short span. He has achieved tremendous success in the industry in short time. He sets majestic benchmarks in life and targets to achieve them. He believes that only those people are willing to fulfill their dreams that are actually willing to make it happen. Vikas Sharma has following beliefs:

    • He strongly believes that in order to become number one you should be someone different that is odd one out.
    • He believes that one should work in team as he can go a long way with a team.
    • He says that every action should be done now and should not be delayed and waited to be done.
    • He thinks that one should think smartly instead of doing it hardly. The work should be done according to direction.
    • He is of the point of view that gentleman is a person who helps the needy person and he has his own NGO to contribute to needy people.
    • He believed that shouldering responsibilities is the key to success.

    The life of Vikas Sharma is inspirational and he is most googled by Vikas Sharma real estate. Vikas Sharma cmd of Billionaire Bucks reminds you that ‘looks can be deceptive’. The hallmark to his success is his conscientious and approach to simple life.

    vikas sharma entrepreneur of the year

    Vikas Sharma started working at the age of 14 and he cherishes it as he started working. He worked for four years while he was in high school. It was surely tough for him but eventually he learnt to cope up with struggle. He moved to Canada for his masters and it was again challenging as he had to bear his education expenses. After this he moved to London where one of his uncles out of trust gave him an opportunity to revive a property called ‘Black Prince Hotel’ in Cardiff, South Wales. With his efforts he revived the property and started walking on ‘road to success’. In 2003 he came back to India and got many prestigious projects. He is famous as Vikas Sharma Noida because he founded ‘Panache’ here.

    Vikas Sharma entrepreneur achieved a tremendous amount of sales in a short span. He pushed a benchmark for all the competitors. Vikas Sharma Billionaire Bucks India Pvt Ltd is cmd of this company. His main focus is on commercial real estate. Vikas Sharma entrepreneur of the year is the award given to him in International Quality Awards. Mrs. Kareena Kapoor Khan was the chief guest and the main purpose of the award ceremony was to encourage quality improvements in both manufacturing and service sector.

    Vikas Sharma is the game changer in the real estate industry and has achieved a phenomenal success in his sector. He has won many awards and met many celebrities. He has been mentioned in many honorable media magazines. One of his famous ideology is ‘it depends upon the person that whether he wants to make millions of dollars or millions of excuses.

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