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    Thursday, December 22, 2016

    WTC Faridabad | World Trade Center Faridabad | Commercial

    WTC Faridabad

    WTC Faridabad

    World Trade Centre, in association with Viridian Red, is going to launch its next big commercial project In India at Faridabad, Haryana. The World Trade Centre Association (WTCA) is a non-profit, non-political association solely dedicated to the establishment and effective operation of World Trade Centers as instruments for trade expansion. The association represents 319 members in 91 countries. It is an unofficial umbrella the unites corporations and government agencies in international market. 

    The association is based upon following founding principles:
    ·         To encourage world trade expansion
    ·         To foster international business relationships and understanding among nations
    ·         To industrialise nations and increase their participation  in world trade
    ·         To create and encourage mutual cooperation among members
    ·         To promote the concept of World Trade Centre
    The Board of Directors governs the association. This BOD comprises of 24 members composed of executives of WTCA members around the world, and elected by the membership.

    The association carries work in the following fields:

    ·         Facilities and functions
    ·         International Relations and development
    ·         Planning and finance
    ·         Public relations and information
    ·         Tourism, hospitality and cultural exchange
    ·         Trade education, training and research
    ·         Trade fairs, trade marts and high tech parks
    ·         WTC standards and quality

    WTCA has collaborated with Viridian Red to introduce this project.

    Viridian Red has come across as a catalyst and market leader in the real estate landscape. It believes in an ideology that can be summarized in three words – transform, impact, inspire. They are known to create benchmarks by combining innovative technology and out of the box thinking. Where safety and security are of the highest importance, Viridian Red ensures that the spirit of equity and community is always maintained. The projects of this developer company are known to put together the most progressive thinking of the world.

    Faridabad being one of the largest cities of Haryana is a leading industrial centre. Faridabad shares the border with Indian Capital, New Delhi, and is a massive economic engine of Haryana. It is said that the city alone generates 50% income tax for the Haryana state government. The city is a perfect blend of suitable weather and strong business points, which stimulates the possibilities to open new official sectors to rein the market. Since the city is of such an importance, the collaboration of WTCA and Viridian Red brings this massive project, which is going to leave its mark for a prolonged time.
    The project is expected to sprawl over the territory within a short time with its memorable architecture that will allure eyes forever. It will be a great exposure platform for commercial units like retail shops, studio apartments and virtual spaces. The superiority and excellence of this collaboration will be introduced through its luxurious novel department squares. The builder has expanded rapidly and has always offered mind-blowing advantages and remarkable developments.
    Residential areas are expected to be far from the hustle bustle of city but working spaces need to be around the crowd. The project cares for all of your needs for official working spaces that leaves one spell bound with its uniqueness and exceptionality among its rivals. WTC is spread across a vast area that gives a sense of superiority, supremacy and analytical dominance. It presents the most fine-looking and contended work life, which is in close proximity to and well linked with all basic necessities and essential business points. Prime location and exceptional facilities makes it a boon for any business.

    Key features of the project include:

    ·         Connectivity to all major routes like Yamuna expressway, Taj expressway and Metro points
    ·         Ample parking space
    ·         Advanced security system
    ·         Uninterrupted power supply
    ·         24*7 water supply
    ·         Customized business spaces
    ·         Member or dining club facilities
    ·         Seminar halls and meeting rooms
    ·         Hotel and conference or exhibition centre
    ·         Hotel and restaurants
    ·         Conference halls
    ·         Cafeterias
    ·         IT parks
    ·         Temporary office spaces
    ·         Entertainment zones

    Introduction of such projects will prove to be of utmost importance for all businesses whether MNCs or SMEs. As they all will join hands together and extend their business at global level, the city will progress along with their business.

      World Trade Center Faridabad

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    Wednesday, November 16, 2016

    WTC Faridabad

    WTC Faridabad

    Three words, which define the ideology of Viridian Red Organization, is Transform Inspire and Impact. They believe in transforming the existing ecosystem and landscape and inspire the ethically way of doing business worldwide.  For many business tycoons investing in WTC Faridabad project will be a profitable and trustworthy deal and so they can contribute 7.5% of India's GDP.  This will be a great option for all those who want to introduce themselves at the global level. It's high time so we need to think something out of box and big to achieve something good. Establishment of World Trade Center Faridabad will be a game changer so be a part of it because this will be a profitable deal. Because of not sufficient opportunities and low wages many people prefer to work in abroad but the development of WTC Faridabad is coming up with loads of opportunities with many big brands and MNC's.

    WTCA is soon going to introduce its next international project in India in association with VIRIDIAN RED, an Indian real estate partner who are currently handling their 13 WTC commercial projects across the nation. WTC Faridabad is one of the very highlighted project which is in progress with a load of huge expectations from thousands of clients who all wants to be a part of association ASAP. Faridabad is considered as a industrial centre which situates at the border of NCR. In North domain of India Faridabad is the largest city which is famous for production of henna an agricultural product beyond this there is a huge set up's electronic products, automobiles and other primary industrial products. It is considered as a Industrial capital of Haryana. World trade Center Faridabad will be most attractive real estate investment destination after Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon so investing here will end up with enduring profit. Faridabad city is responsible for generating over 50% of the income tax for Haryana Government, so think when commercial project  like WTC will get introduce then what will be the progressive report of this city, because then many more MNC's & SME's will come and join hands with it and take the advantage by extending their business at Global level. In WTC Faridabad the expected facilities would be Hotels & Restaurants, IT Parks, Business & Trading Services, Temporary office spaces, Video & Conferences hall etc. The association has mind blowing and remarkable development advantage for the establishment of WTC Faridabad.

    World Trade Center Association established in 1970 and since then they have been extending themselves across the world with a principle of encouraging peace and stability through trade and maintain the relationship and understanding among nations. The association has 316 members in 91 countries; it is a non-political organization a huge dedication of establishing World Trade Centers at global level for trade expansion. The establishment of first WTC was done in New York City. WTCA is the only organization who bought the right to the name of "WTC" or "World Trade Center" brand worldwide. There are 24 members of WTCA responsible for governing the International Board of Directors of WTCA; they have their own committee on Tourism, hospitality, Finance and Planning, International Relations and Development, Quality and Hospitality, trade education, training and Research. In 2008 Robert Thompson received Global Corporate Leadership award for maintain committee on Peace and stability.

    World Trade Center Faridabad

    WTC Faridabad

    WTC Faridabad

    Grateful information of WTC Faridabad Here:

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    Tuesday, November 8, 2016

    World Trade Center Faridabad

    The Delhi- Agra National highway joins Faridabad district. Faridabad is a major hub for many MNC's and is a leading Industrial area situated at NCR border and so the development of WTCFaridabad will be a great opportunity for many SME and MNC businesses for expanding their businesses at a global level.  This mega city will consist of almost all lavishing and mind blowing facilities like IT park with broad corridors, Temporary office space, lockable and non-lockable office space, hotel and restaurants, Video conference and exhibition center, other entertainment zone and seminar and meeting rooms and there will be other  trade services like trade counselling, Trade & Marketing business management.
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    Friday, November 4, 2016

    WTC Faridabad | World Trade Center Faridabad

    wtc faridabad

    World Trade Center Faridabad is next upcoming commercial project of WTC organization in association with Viridian Red. Project is under progress. WTC has chosen Faridabad city for the development of this mega business park where almost all major organizations offered themselves to join it only because of its international working standard environment. From now onwards all MNC's and SME's companies will be able to expand their business with international business giants at global level. There are many IT companies and other business trades in Faridabad city so establishment of WTC Faridabad will give scope to all these organizations for extending their business at global level. WTC Faridabad well connected with all major routes like Yamuna expressway, Taj expressway and metro points.

    Faridabad is one of the fastest growing residential markets; it has many engineering and management colleges followed by other domains. There will be huge and abundant spaces for IT Park, Trade and Service Marketing, Hotels & cafeterias, Exhibition & Consultation Conveniences etc. WTC Association give tremendous focus on their services, they work to unite global trade organization & involved in International trade business because of their high quality of performance they have customer across the world and this will bring a positive impact on WTC Faridabad. Development of World Trade Center Faridabad will definitely introduce many other MNC's and soon will become the major hub for almost all trading and service sectors. The exposure of plan looks as of all blue brains will come together under the one roof only.

    World Trade Center Association has completed its 25 years of journey and earned biggest name in the world of Real Estate, Association was established in 1970 and launched their first project in New York City.  WTCA is the one and only association which have confidential right to license World Trade Center & WTC brands to Real Estate businesses & Companies worldwide. It's a high profile name alone with determined quality image, people who come and join WTC or become a part of WTC's project knows that how respectable it is to be a part of such organization.  It has a power to unite businesses at global level and associating with WTC Faridabad will definitely be a worth deal. As we know that it's a huge organization across the world which connects 316 members  in 91 countries. Association is also responsible for maintaining, developing and designing commercial projects. 

    wtc faridabad

    world trade center faridabad

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