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    Sunday, November 6, 2016

    WTC Noida Phase 3

    The properties and trade services of World Trade Center are located in more than 90 countries also 15,000 professionals have supported it. The organization has exclusive right to license WTC and its brand to real estate communities worldwide.  Agenda behind WTCA is to provide best facilities and functions accepting the fact that they should provide excellent best development, Peace & Stability through trade. It works in the field of Trade Education, Tourism, hospitality, High tech parks and Trade fairs. Development of WTC Noida Phase 3 will bring many opportunities for all kind of businesses and trade Services, will be helpful in promoting even Small Medium Enterprises at global level, and will expand the opportunities in International Market. 

    Informative Video of WTC Noida Phase 3 

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    Thursday, November 3, 2016

    WTC Noida Phase 3 | WTC Noida

    WTC Noida Phase 3

    World Trade Center is an organization work for the development of trade business buildings, healthy environment and healthy relations between various countries at global level. WTCA has successfully established relation with almost 98 countries and has more than 332 centers in different countries. World Trade Center Association is working on a 26 WTC commercial project and out of which 13 are under VIRIDIAN RED.  VIRIDIAN RED is the one of the lead Indian construction organization working currently on WTC NOIDA PHASE 3 commercial project.  If there is any systematically planned city in India then that is Noida located in Gautam Buddha Nagar district of UP State. It is the major hot spot for many IT Services, BPO, KPO services and other businesses it looks like a preferred destination for SME's & MNC is to set up their businesses. Other important domains like banking and finance then here also development has seen enthusiastically. Beyond this entire set up's Noida city is already a major hub for many Multinational companies and after the introduction of World Trade Center in Noida, many other big brands will join. The Place will consist of all major demand of buyers followed by other modern setups and luxurious services. Mega city will have spaces for IT Park, trade and marketing services, Hotel and entertainment zone, lockable and non-lockable space and other important required spaces. The facilities they will be releasing completely leased and will act as a gateway for many small and local businesses to extend their emperor at Global level.  World Trade Center Noida Phase 3 will be one of the biggest commercial projects introduced in India with a great hope. Soon many IT & ITES companies and other Trading Business organization will join WTC Noida. Many Organizations had already joined their hands with WTC Noida Phase 3 and many other are planning for being a part of it soon and expand their business at Global level. So investing in WTC Noida phase 3 will be a best and profitable deal.

    WTC Noida
    WTC Noida Phase 3

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    Tuesday, October 11, 2016

    World Trade Center Noida Commercial Projects

    wtc noida

    World Trade Center Association has joined hands with VIRIDIAN RED an expert from India in the field of real estate that are well known for their quality dimensions, engineering and architecture. They have done many commercial, residential and other project and now they are going to prove their finishing of perfectionism with WTC commercial project located at Noida. VIRIDIAN RED is now ready to take off for a new ride to set a new benchmark with their new commercial project in association with WTC a at 13 different locations across the nation. It is the only organization who will be working back to back on 13 WTC projects. They have a unique principle of working with a zest of serving quality product and services to their clients. Because two very renowned groups VIRIDIAN RED and WTC a are involved in this project so high expectation is very obvious with WTC Noida commercial project .

    VIRIDIAN RED is working on the minuet detailing of the WTC Noida project just to bring out the finest perfection after finishing. Independent lobbies and designer decors will also be there in WTC Noida which will be separately provided to the buyers. As I said WTC Noida is at very prime location of the city, so buying official space in WTC Noida would be like a investing for earning double and Association is providing Official space at very affordable price so all in all it will be a profitable deal with no loss. For detailed information about WTC Noida official spaces, sale brochures will also get introduced soon.

    WTC is an International Commercial project and the founder of World Trade Centre is Mr. Rockefeller, Association was introduced in 1970 and had launched its first project in New York City. For establishing offices many of the big Brands are preferring World Trade Center Noida as their first choice. WTC Noida will have better connectivity with time as metro track is going to extent up to greater Noida also WTC Business Park will have good connectivity with Yamuna Expressway. 

    world trade center noida

    wtc greater noida

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